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Grant the exhibition in 2013, the 19th national aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall meeting
Release date:2015.09.29 ,Published by the Grant network, the number of times:733

On March 18, 2013-20, grant attended by the aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall committee held in guangzhou the 19th national annual meeting and aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall industry, new products expo.This has been seen as "barometer", aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall industry ChunJiaoHui now represent the industry exhibition activities, every year in March, gathered from the Windows and doors curtain wall, aluminum, glass processing, building sealant, hardware fittings and so on industry of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad to participate in.On the exhibition, grant shows the customer the latest production of golden low-e hollow glass, PPG super energy saving three silver low-e insulating glass, double silver low-e insulating glass and self-cleaning low-e insulating glass and so on a series of high-end energy-saving environmental protection products, leading the industry's most advanced technical strength, to visit the customer to grant a new cognition.For the event, grant to do a lot of work, early in the second half of last year began to carefully prepared and ready to show all the relevant matters.God reward those who work hard, whole, because of grant's efforts and strength, the exhibition shows a few new products to attract a large number of customers stop asking, well the desired effect.Gold for glass, is one of the most special, the color of the most difficult to master, as the country's most professional golden curtain wall glass manufacturer, grant has specially opened a small exhibition hall, the company over the years the golden classic engineering as well as the development of a variety of gold products for a comprehensive exhibition.Golden hall in presages a grant for many years the brilliant achievements of also attracted the attention of many customers.PPG is a global manufacturing enterprises, production and management coating, glass, glass fiber and chemicals, in the industry leading position in the world, and the three silver low-e insulating glass is energy saving effect is best in the world at present, technology is the most difficult of glass products.Grant as PPG processing authentication enterprise, the partnership launched a three silver low-e insulating glass, its energy-saving parameters achieved won the professionals.The fair grant also launched a new "miracle" products - double silver low-e insulating glass.This glass is the biggest characteristic is design on the glass with a layer of liquid crystal conductive film, not electricity becomes opaque frosted glass, after electrify LCD conductive film change make it transparent glass, moment transformation between Yin and Yang "magic" effect caused the customer's interest, rushed to the scene the staff know the secret.On-site staff for customers care about glass principle, application, the price and life made detailed issues one by one.Self-cleaning low-e hollow glass are self-cleaning glass and low-e insulating glass composite products, have the double function of energy conservation and environmental protection.Grant as China's first with independent intellectual property rights and batch production of self-cleaning low-e insulating glass factory, the self-cleaning of the spray scene demonstration, low-e insulating glass, with self-cleaning effect is obvious, novelty and impact, attracts a lot of customers visit to understand.Believe in the era of energy conservation and environmental protection become the development trend of today, grant self-cleaning glass must be more and more popular with the customers!The three-day exhibition, attracted numerous real estate company, building materials, design units and other customers to visit and consulting, grant also to take this opportunity to show the customer the domestic glass deep processing industry the most comprehensive, the best energy conservation and environmental protection performance of glass products, in the field of showed glass processing grant precipitation years of remarkable strength at the same time, also reflected the grant has been tireless pursuit and innovation.

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